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Welcome Anglers!  I have been fishing Lake Anna (both “hot” and “cold” sides) since it opened in 1972.  Lake Anna is located approximately 60 miles south of Washington D.C. and 50 miles north of Richmond, VA. Lake Anna has over 250 miles of shoreline and some 13,000 surface acres of water.  The lake has changed a lot over the years but still remains a great fishing destination!  I also fish Ni River Reservoir, Abel Lake, Motts Run Reservoir and Hunting Run Reservoir.  According to the Va. Game & Fish, Hunting Run Reservoir is expected to be one of the best “small” lakes for bass in Virginia, right along with Briery Creek Reservoir and Sandy River Reservoir. 

I have several citations for bass and other species.  I am well schooled in many lure presentations and techniques and cater to my clients needs and enjoy educating anglers. 

If you enjoy fishing in the colder months, the “hot” side of Lake Anna is the spot!  The water temperature coming out of the power plant stays around 55-60°F even in very cold weather.  When the cold side is mostly frozen.  The bass and crappie usually spawn at least a 1-2 months earlier than other bodies of water.  When the lake first opened it was stocked with Florida strain bass but unbeknownst to most people they were only stocked on the “hot” side of the Lake.  The below picture shows a 4 1/2 lb bass caught on the hot side last winter.  You can see the snow on the ground, the air temperature was 30°F.  I look forward to providing you with a good time and catching some fish.

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